Awards and Publications

Projects Guided

B.E Projects Guided (Best Selected)

    1. Labview for hardware communication and data analysis (IN-BED Sensors).
    2. Sensors and Control systems used in serious compensation of power transmission line.
    3. Improved IMC Using Marquardt optimization algorithm for time delayed systems.
    4. An approach of Frequency based controller design for integral time delayed processes.
    5. Design of PID Controller for Unstable & Integrating Processes with dead time.
    6. Robust controller design for the Integral process with dead time.
    7. PID Controller for the robust performance.
    8. PID Controller design based on the Equating Co-efficient Method.
    9. Identification of Unstable Process with Optimization Method.
    10. Digital PID Controller design for the Time delayed system (Using IMC design Tech).
    11. LabVIEW based Robust PID controller design.
    12. Certain analysis of Robust PID controllers for the Ball and Beam arrangement- An real time experimentation.
    13. Analog 2DOF PID controller for processes with dead time.
    14. Frequency based Robust PI controller design.
    15. Anti-reset windup based on the low frequency gain and H∞.
    16. 2DOF Modified Smith Predictor for the processes with dead time.
    17. Design and Implementation of SMC for the Conical Tank System.
    18. Identification and Non-Linear PID controller design for the Heat Exchanger system.
    19. Design of MPC for the SISO and MIMO systems.
    20. Design of DMC based
    21. Design of Dynamic Matrix Controller for a SISO and MIMO Process.
    22. Parameter Estimation of a Pilot Plant Binary Distillation Column
    23. Identifying the Stabilizing Region of PID Controllers based on Polynomial Approach for a Pilot Scale Distillation Column.

M.Tech Projects Guided

    1. Robust PID Controller design for the Pure Integral Process with a combination of PADE approximation for the time delay.
    2. Sensitivity and complementary sensitivity function based H-Inf PID Controller design for the Stable, Unstable and Integrating Process.
    3. Hybrid controller design for the Rotary Inverted Pendulum.
    4. First Order Controller design based on the H-Infinity Principles.
    5. Design of Non-Linear Controller for the Conical Tank System.
    6. Robust Stability Analysis of A Binary Distillation Column Using Extended Predictive Control
    7. Relay Based Identification of Multi Input Multi Output Process
    8. Design, Simulation and Implementation of a State Estimator For a Binary Distillation Column


    1. Mr.Bipin Krishna – "System Identification and Controller Synthesis for Unstable Nonlinear Systems"
    2. Mrs.Vinayambika.S.Bhat - "Design of Robust Controller for a Binary Distillation Column"
    3. Mr.Sarath Yadav, “System Identification and Implementation of Predictive Algorithms for a Binary Distillation Column”.
    4. Janani.R, "Design of Loop-shaping controller for Distillation Column"
    5. Mr.Harish Prabhu, "Design and Validation of Nonlinear Control Schemes for a Pilot Plant Binary Distillation Column"

IAESTE Projects Guided

    1. Admissible set of Robust PID Controller Using Hurwitz Criterion for the Pure Integrating Process with Dead Time.
    2. Design of Lower Order Controller H-Infinity Controller.
    3. Controller tuning for the Rotary Inverted Pendulum.
    4. PID controller tuning based on the phase margin and gain margin.
    5. Tracking and Back-Calculation based Anti-reset windup PID Controller scheme.
    6. PID Controller for Magnetic Levitation System using D-Curve method.
    7. Investigations on best suitable controller for Ball and Beam System –An Experimentation.
    8. Analysis of stable region of PID Controller using GM and PM.
    9. Sliding Mode Controller design for the chemical processes.
    10. Implementation of various control algorithms for the conical tank system.